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Bowhunting Big Boars In Cape York

Mick n Johno
Hogs Big Emu
James Boar
Jamie Big hooks
Tommy on the swamp


At Kayuga Adventures, we strive to give you the hunting adventure that dreams are made of. Kayuga Adventures operates on the iconic – remote Strathburn Station of Cape York, Matt Kayuga owner and guide has been bowhunting for 20+ years  and has grown up in the bush. Matt has been working on the Station for several years knowing the country very well. From bowhunting Boars to casting lures for Barramundi and Saratoga in waterholes that rarely get fished, Matt & his experienced staff are here to give you the chance to “Live the Dream”. Strathburn is a bowhunters paradise with everything a bowhunter could ask for. From big swamps, to spring systems, dams, dry creek systems and big sand ridges, uncountable water holes and lots more.

About Strathburn Station

   ( Bowhunting Only)

Strathburn Cattle Station is a large-scale breeding property 608 000 acres (50km by 50km) with abundant water and feed in the heart of Cape York. Beyond its reliable seasons and the production of thousands of healthy Brahman weaners each year, Strathburn’s wilderness abounds with waterholes, wetlands and wildlife, including Barramundi, Brolgas, Brumbies, Crocodiles, Eagles, Jabiru, Jacana, Palm Cockatoos, Saratoga, Scrub Bulls and Feral Pigs.


Strathburn is one of the best places to hunt in the cape, It has everything a bowhunter wants. Massive sand ridges that are the breeding ground in the wet season. It has 100's of kilometres of dry creek system excellent for bowhunting. With uncountable billabongs and waterholes and don't forget the massive swamps there is unlimited options. Chucking a lure in the billabongs and you will have a aggressive Saratoga after it or maybe a Big Barramundi.

600 000 acres Bowhunting only! No Rifles No Dogs

What To Expect

Fly in on the mail plane or drive in on thursday afternoon and settle in. Friday morning set out hunting. Thursday week fly out mid day back to Cairns.

Bowhunting boars in cape york is a different style of hunting, Hunting in the heat of the day in the bedding areas and late afternoon in the feeding areas. You will hunt dry creek systems, swamps, springs, waterholes and dams. Usually the day goes – Up at 7 have a cooked breakfast, check all gear, off by 8.30 to the hunting destination. Hunt for the day and through till late afternoon. Usually arrive back at the homestead after dark to have refreshing showers and have a nice meal. Fishing can be done when ever you desire.

Hunting is done from mid August to mid October in the dry season when water holes are drying and the boars are more congerated.



✓ 6 Days of Hunting & Fishing (Thursday to Thursday)

✓ Homestead Accommodation

✓ A cook

✓ All meals

✓ Guide (Guiding arrangement is 2 hunters × 1 guide)

✓ Hunting Vehicle

Alcohol and soft drinks. 

$3950 per person
($1500 Non-refundable deposit is required to secure your spot.)

  • Bow compound or traditional

  • Quality 2 blade broadhead

  • 12 – 18 arrows

  • Comfortable backpack with 2 litre or more of water

  • Good set of binoculars with harness

  • Knife

  • Camera

  • Fishing rod/reel and lures

  • Light weight Camo

  • Dunlop volleys as hunting shoes


Accommodation is a 4 bedroom homestead with most modern luxury's. Enjoy a nice shower after a days hunting and kick back and watch the footy on a Friday night with a couple of beers.

For bookings or enquiries email us on or enquire below.

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