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Old School Series, by Kayuga started with a day off work Crook, trying to find some broadheads that I liked as I was fresh out. After 5 hours searching the internet there was no broadhead in my price range that I was happy to purchase.

I started to design up a broadhead that I had in mind, Feral all the way to the tip, sharp out of the packet, Braze welded, aluminium adaptor glued into a tapper fit so if bent I could heat up and replace the adaptor, all these things in mind I started sketching out 1:1 scale. I had the design up and sketched now it was time to see how I’d go manufacturing them.

Setting up in my father fabrication shop was high on the priority list but after putting figures together I would be half a house down in the red just for the equipment then would have to sit and manufacture, harden, sharpen and pack them.

This was way too much labour and expenses, the heads would just not be affordable for Aussie bowhunters. It was looking id be going off shore so I contacted a family friend that deals overseas a lot and he pointed me in the right direction.

A few weeks back and forth it was sample time, the samples turned up and were just what I was looking for. after testing and shooting a few critters I was happy so the next order was the minimum 2000 piece order, fretting of the out lay and cost they got lost in the post for a few days but ended up turning up at my door step. 2000 broadheads and 2000 aluminium adaptors all had to be assembled. working out how time consuming this was trying to fit it in with my work, the next order I got glued overseas, Not the quality I wanted in the assembling area with all the glue falling apart. We now support the Challenged community where they assemble all heads in Australia with 24 hour super strength araldite. The quality is first class and Kayuga Is proud of this.

Thats how the old school range was born.....



Old School heads

  •  2mm reinforced tip, to give you the confidence you need to take on Australia’s toughest critters.

  • 3:1 ration for optimal penetration

  • Braze welded, giving you much more strength than a few spot welds.

  • 48-50 Rockwell hardness, make these heads not too hard and brittle, still easy enough to sharpen with a good file and steel but still tough enough to bust though the bones of what ever get in there way.

  • Sharp out of the packet but we do recommend giving them a quick touch up with a file and steel as well as filing the point off the heads back to a tanto style tip to prevent the tip curling.

  • Heads are assembled in Australia by the local challenged community so every time you purchase a packet of these you are supporting the challenged community of Australia

  • These heads are a very simple yet effective broadheads with hundreds of thousands of animals taken with them, they are a tried and tested Aussie gem.

  • Multiple weights available.

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